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A gilded cage is still a cage.
The door is wide open, but you do not fly out.
The eagle soars, but you clutch your perch in fear
as you sing for your masters in defecate terror.
Fool! Fly out through the door before it slams shut!

IdeaFarm (tm) Enterprises

My name is Wo'O Ideafarm. I am 59 years old. IDEAFARM.COM presents my creative work as a collection of "enterprises". Each of these enterprises is a work in progress. Each, in my opinion, will change your world for the better. Each might make life better for the unborn generations who will come after us. Each might, with a little more effort, become a wellspring of economic empowerment for you, me, and many others. If you get involved in one of these enterprises, you might even become able to quit your day job!

A "wiki effort" will be needed to realize the potential of each of the enterprises presented on IDEAFARM.COM. These enterprises were begun when I was young and ignorant enough to think that I could complete them by myself. Over the 40 years of my adulthood, I've developed each enterprise as much as I could. Now it is time for me to "pass the baton". I present each enterprise in the hope that you will be inspired to get involved, either as a volunteer or as a paid contributor, worker, leader, or manager. All of these enterprises will rocket toward completion if many people are inspired to "lift a finger" in a wiki effort. GitHub, social networking, and other Internet infrastructure create exciting wiki possibilities.

I want IDEAFARM.COM to be a good place for young people to meet other young people. The pursuit of self interest is the game of life. Selfishness is cheating at the game of life. I want IDEAFARM.COM to be a good place for unselfish young people to meet each other while having fun pursuing self interest. The neat thing about free enterprise is that when everyone is playing to win, but not cheating, the game is wonderfully fun, and in that sense, every player wins!

IDEAFARM.COM is a for-profit sole proprietorship focused on creating value by delivering products and services that promote unselfish living. IDEAFARM.COM is not a "beggar website"; you will never be asked to make a donation. No third party advertisements are displayed on IDEAFARM.COM; all revenue comes from the sale of products and services.

IDEAFARM.COM is an ebook available for purchase. The free portion of IDEAFARM.COM consists of this cover letter and a sales brochure. The pay portion of IDEAFARM.COM is my book. The book is password protected, and the password changes every 8 days. You can purchase 64 days of access by making a one-time payment. Purchasers receive a link to the book via email every eight days. Once you receive such a link, you may freely distribute it to your friends, post it on social media, or place it on a web site. During your 64 days of access, you can explore my book and decide whether you want to get involved in any of my enterprises. If you decide to do that, you can purchase a subscription for continued access to my book.

The price for 64 days of access to my book is only $8 dollars. Please click here: Sales Brochure: Wo'O Ideafarm's webbook