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Publish, back up, and sync your files to the Cloud, using IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle!

IdeaFarm (tm) Enterprises

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Click "bundle" at the top of this page to download, install, and subscribe to IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is a tool that you can use to administer Rackspace.com cloud file containers and to write and publish IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees, which are electronic books. Once configured, IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle will work in the background whenever your computer is connected to the Internet to ensure that Rackspace cloud file containers are updated to match the contents of particular folders on your Windows personal computer. Price: 3 cents (0.03 USD) per day per computer.

Features: The local folder can contain folders, which can contain folders, etc. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle can also be configured to work the other way by using the cloud container as the "master" so that it keeps your personal computer's files in sync with the cloud container. Any number of pairs (cloud container, local folder) can be administered, and any folder (directory) can be specified. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle was designed and written so that it has no capacity limits. I use Bundle on an Asus netbook, with only 2GB of memory, to administer several Rackspace.com containers, including one that contains well over 100,000 files totalling over 200 GB of data. Think of IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle as a general purpose "publish to the Cloud" and "download from the Cloud" system.

Possible applications:

IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is being actively developed, and early users are sought. Early subscribers to IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle will lock in a low subscription price of only 3 cents (0.03 USD) per day for the life of the subscription. Please click "bundle" at the top of this page.