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If you were in Mountain View prior to 2011, you probably know of me. I was the man responsible for the provocative signs prominently displayed daily on the streets of Mountain View during 2010. Have you wondered what became of me? Read on, and I will tell you.

I was silenced. My silence for these five years has not been voluntary. The Mountain View Municipal Corporation conspired, and continues to conspire, with District Attorney Jeff Rosen to abuse Court process to accomplish a criminal act. What they have done, and are continuing to do, is a capital federal crime:

18 U.S.C. 241: "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person... in the free exercise... of any right... [t]hey shall be fined... or imprisoned not more than ten years, ... and... if such acts include kidnapping..., they shall be fined... or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."
Yet neither Dave Price's Palo Alto Daily Post nor the San Jose Mercury News are reporting on the record breaking legal marathon that has kept me entangled and overwhelmed in criminal court for over five years. All of my equipment remains in government custody, I've had to pay thousands of dollars in bail premiums to post bail FOUR times to retain my freedom, and I have not dared to attempt to display a sign in Mountain View for five years, with one disastrous three day exception in 2013. I've suffered the "assistance" of no less than TEN treacherous court appointed attorneys. I've been fined a thousand dollars and sentenced to FOUR MONTHS of imprisonment in addition to the month and a half that I have already spent behind bars. Every police officer who has testified against me during two trials lied under oath about his or her actions in incidents that were voice recorded; the lies are conclusively proved on the Court's record.

Two different judges, one for each of the two farce trials that I have suffered, convicted me of all charges, in proceedings that couldn't possibly withstand scrutiny by any competent legal professional. When I told a judge, in a brief, that "This story will be told!", that judge had the audacity to respond by saying that the telling won't matter because the people won't care. The Constitution guarantees us the right to a public trial, but criminal trials are not "public" in any meaningful sense in Santa Clara County. Both the judges and the attorneys in the proceedings against me have demonstrated an utter lack of any sense that they are accountable to the People, to the Constitution, or to the Law. The Courts in Santa Clara County are out of control, in a constitutional sense. These petty bureaucrats, entrusted with the awesome coercive power of the State, wield that power to please the money interests of this county, and their contempt for both the People and for the People's Law is abundantly in evidence.

City Councilman and ex-Mayor Jac Siegel, the star witness against me in one of the trials, lied under oath dozens of times about the intersection of Castro Street at El Camino being filled with schoolchildren crossing with backpacks and schoolbooks who were in great danger because of my sign holding activity on January 21, 2013. Unfortunately for Mr. Siegel, that day happened to be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Graham Middle School was not in session. Mr. Siegel was confronted with this fact in the courtroom and given multiple opportunities to retract, modify, or explain his testimony. He had nothing to say.

On one of the many occasions when I was taken into custody unlawfully, in violation of Penal Code 853.6, I was wearing two voice recorders on my chest. While I was being booked down in the basement of Mountain View Police Headquarters, a police officer thought that he had turned off both recorders. But one of the recorders continued to record. While I was being transported to San Jose Main Jail, those voice recorders were taken upstairs and placed onto a detective's desk in what sounds like a large central area used for investigative work. For about one hour, that recorder continued to record as an officer listened repeatedly to my arrest while conversing with several other officers. At one point, one of the officers said, "Well, maybe we can do a tresspass." They were discussing what they could charge me with to make the arrest lawful!

There is more, much, much more. Over these five years, I've barely been able to preserve my evidence, which consists of a collection of 150,000 voice recordings, pictures, court and police documents, emails, and government correspondence, and a small number of news clippings involving alleged corruption in local policing agencies and within District Attorney Jeff Rosen's office. This evidence requires 200 gigabytes of storage, and just managing that much information with a netbook while living out of a backpack on the streets has been overwhelming. It is just short of miraculous that I have managed to preserve this evidence and organize it enough to present it to you in the "archive" link here on IDEAFARM.COM. All of this evidence is only a few clicks away from you. But the archive is a mess, in that thousands of files need to be renamed so that they appear in proper order on the "day pages" within the archive."

I am writing to ask you to help me tell the story. The Mountain View Municipal Corporation and District Attorney Jeff Rosen have triumphed completely in abusing the Court's process to completely silence and destroy me. But the legal fight itself is a stalemate; I've been able to hold my ground, while suffering heavy losses. For five years, I have fought alone and never come to you for donations or other forms of help. But now I am being hammered by adversity. I am now being overwhelmed by an opponent who is "going for the kill" with vastly superior resources, who hopes to prevent my story of brazen government corruption from being told. I can no longer do this alone. I am overwhelmed.

In December, 2014, I was evicted from two storage units as a direct result of a provably false statement made by Code Enforcement officer Christopher Costanzo to the management of Peninsula Storage, where I had been a tenant for three years, with two units. This lie resulted in my immediate eviction, which in turn caused me to lose all of my possessions. This act was motivated by the City's desire to prevent me from telling the story. All of my original evidence of government corruption ended up in a dumpster. The loss of my evidence would have been total had I not already scanned it all into electronic form. I had used one of those storage units as a law office where I could write legal briefs, research the law on the Internet, and store my evidence safely. My response to losing my "law office" was to move everything to "the Cloud" (Rackspace.com)

Two months later, on February 7 of this year, I collapsed while working at a study carrell in the Mountain View Public Libary. I collapsed because I have stomach cancer, and a large tumor suddenly started bleeding profusely. El Camino Hospital ER had to give me two units of blood to save my life, and the tumor was surgically removed five days later, as soon as I was strong enough to undergo surgery. I am now on chemotherapy, which I hope will buy me about five more years of life, and it is possible that the chemotherapy will cure me. There is currently no sign of cancer in my body, but without chemotherapy, the probability that this kind of cancer will reappear and worsen is 55%. For me, every day is now doubly precious.

Yesterday, on April 23, my backpack was stolen from a park bench in St. James Park in San Jose. I was there on an errand at Court; I had to meet with the clerk of the Appeals Unit to check the status of a pending appeal. The backpack contained all of my computer equipment other than a CD drive and some blank disks, which I had not brought. All of my other equipment, including my laptop and a wand scanner, is gone, along with my only nice clothes, brand new slacks, dress shirt and tie, which I had only worn twice (at Court). This loss is a disaster. I cannot do anything to fight at Court without my laptop and scanner. The loss of my computer, combined with the effects of the chemotherapy, has derailed my ability to continue fighting at Court and to attempt to earn money with my programming skills.

For all of these years, I've paid my own way, working as a day laborer and living homelessly. Once the serious legal battles began in 2010, I began to receive food stamps. But I have never resorted to begging and have kept myself current on my credit card bills, bail premium payments, and court fees and fines by working as a day laborer, most recently at the Mountain View Day Worker Center. But when my chemotherapy began a few weeks ago, my stomach was so upset all of the time that I could not work a full day. Now my age (60) combined with the fact that the DWC now knows that I have cancer, has resulted in my loss of day labor work opportunities. The DWC will no longer send me out on physically demanding jobs. This is almost equivalent to being terminated, since almost all day labor is physically demanding; that's what day labor IS!

I am a civic activist and would-be speaker in Mountain View, California, the home of Google. In 2010, I attempted to speak provocative, politically incorrect civic messages on the streets of Mountain View, using large signs upon which I could insert letters to spell out short messages. With this powerful, "Twitter for the streets", method of spontaneous direct speech, I could reach 20,000 regional commuters and local residents each day, day in and day out, for months.

I used this speech method to bypass the local newspapers and other news media, which I claim throttle, censor, and spin the information that reaches the public, in order to manipulate public opinion and to keep the public content, pacified, and effectively lobotomized. My signs presented viewpoints that were never given voice in that media. Every Fall, my signs would attack the materialism of what I called "the December Shopping Spree" with messages such as, "SEAL YOUR CREDIT CARDS IN AN ENVELOPE" and "DON'T BUY GIFTS FOR ANYONE OVER 13". At other times during 2010, I expressed my views on illegal immigrants with signs such as, "SPEAK ENGLISH AT WORK AND IN PUBLIC PLACES" and "#1 THREAT TO THE REPUBLIC: MEXICAN COLONISTS". When a federal judge struck down California's constitutional ban on same-gender marriages at the end of the summer of 2010, I spoke with signs such as, "EVEN QUEERS AGREE: SOME SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IS PERVERTED" and "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS".

The signs about queers were assertions of a scientific fact, not expressions of hate. The overall message, that "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS", fits logically with my views on gender and sexuality, expressed with signs such as, "A MAN'S PLACE IS TO BE HUNTED, AND TO HUNT", and, "A WOMAN'S PLACE IS IN THE VILLAGE". I am a social scientist. My graduate education at the University of Chicago was funded by both a full scholarship and a generous fellowship. I hold a "Ph.D. Lite" in economics from that institution and a B.A. magna cum laude from UCLA, which I also attended on a full scholarship. My scientific and philosophical interest in the field of gender and sexuality began while I was a first year graduate student at Chicago, studying under Nobel Laureate Gary Becker. Becker transformed the field of economics by applying economic analysis to racism, marriage and the family. The development of my opinions on this topic was influenced by my upbringing within the Catholic Church, by eight years of education by Benedictine and Dominican sisters and priests, by studying under the personal guidance of a leading social scientist, and by being married for 17 years and raising up two daughters into good, strong women. (Both of these daughters have minds of their own and disagree with me on many things.)

My opinion that QUEERS ARE PERVERTS is also informed by my own personal experience with perversion. A full statement of my opinion would be, "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS, AND WE ARE ALL QUEER". "Queer" just means that the person does not fully conform to "the marriage norm", and none of us fully conform to that norm. I am probably more queer than many, although I do not identify as queer, so I could (and did) display a sign that proclaimed, "I SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY BECAUSE I AM A QUEER".

My audience, the commuters, corporate employers, retail businesses, and residents of Mountain View, had heard it all before. What outraged the majority in Mountain View was that they had to encounter my minority views day in and day out as they lived and worked in Mountain View. Mountain View is an uber-tidy place, and that tidiness includes homogeneity of thought. The majority of my signs, such as, "BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE" and "EDITORS ARE PAID TO STEER YOUR THOUGHTS", were not provocative and were received with approval or, at worst, indifference. But the response by the people and the local government officials was determined by those of my signs that were percieved as incendiary.

The relatively few signs which got people all riled up were so incendiary that they threatened billions of dollars of local economic and politial interests. In 2009, the market value of real estate in Mountain View had been $18 billion and had fallen precipitously in the months of 2010 before the federal judge struck down same gender marriage and I began to speak on the issue. The City of Mountain View was engaged in important negotiations which would ultimately produce a surge in development of large properties, with the calculated and actual effect of reversing the financial bloodbath and restoring wealth to the real estate owners. Large, provocative signs prominently displayed across from City Hall and at Mountain View's showcase intersection (El Camino Real at Castro), just two blocks away from City Hall, did not jibe well with the City's desperate and determined effort to shore up property values, retail sales, and tax revenues. The "look and feel" of a municipality is a significant determinant of how attractive a city is to prospective residents and businesses. Anything that reduces the long term perceived value of residing or operating a business in a city by, say 10%, will reduce the capitalized value of real estate by the same percentage. Software development is an important industry in Mountain View, and software development has been a "haven occupation" for queers for decades. Mountain View has a large and growing queer community, and catering to that community is certainly part of the long term plan of the City, whether or not such is admitted publicly.

It is not difficult to imagine that signs displaying, "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS", "#1 THREAT TO THE REPUBLIC: MEXICAN COLONISTS", and "SEAL YOUR CREDIT CARDS IN AN ENVELOPE" were profoundly troubling to those who had already lost several billion dollars in the collapse of real estate value from 2009 to 2010.


Please think about the above sign message, and then get involved. In the United States, what unites us must always be more important and dear to us than what divides us. The fight is not about my opinions. It is about the fundamental civil rights that empower us as a people, both individually and collectively. It is about our right to speak and to hear what would be spoken. It is our freedom to speak and our tolerance for the expression of minority opinions that gives our laws and our government legitimacy.

I need you to stand with me, ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE, not because you agree with my opinions, but because you agree that the freedom to speak, and to hear what would be spoken, is the necessary foundation of any society that aspires to liberty and justice. It's about citizenship. It's about being human. It's about being a good, strong man, or a good, strong, woman. This story must be told. I need you to help me tell the story. I need you to help me preserve my evidence of government corruption so that it is not lost.

Everyone can help. You can spread the word about my situation. You can go to the City Council meetings and demand an explanation for why I've been tangled up in Court for five years, with all of my speech equipment in government custody. You can ask Dave Price, the editor of the Daily Post, and the editor of the Mountain View Voice, and the editors of the San Jose Mercury News, to do some investigative reporting and to publish what they discover about my situation. If you are a retailer, you can consider donating services such as letting me use a rental computer for free. If you are involved in online or face to face social networking, you can tell people that it's not acceptable in the United States for a speaker to be silenced by government and ask other what should be done. I will keep donor identities anonymous on request. But please consider standing up to be counted by supporting me publicly. That is the most important thing that you can do to help me tell the story. By allowing me to list you by name on IDEAFARM.COM as a friend and supporter, you will be providing leadership that will make it much easier for others to decide to get involved.

If the story is told, the capital crimes that the Mountain View Municipal Corporation and District Attorney Jeff Rosen are committing will be exposed. If the story continues to be suppressed, the D.A. and the City will win; they will get away with a capital federal crime committed in your name, using your tax money. My situation is precarious and deteriorating, and even a small misfortune could give them that win and deprive you of your right to ever learn of the evil that they have done.

Please click "privacy" above, and then send me an email that just says "Count me in!". I will reply, and we can discuss how you can best help.

At the moment (April 24), my most pressing need is for someone to donate or loan me an old MS Windows laptop. I don't care what condition it is in, as long as it is usable and can be connected to the Internet. Having a donated or loaned laptop will enable me to earn money, keep fighting at Court, prevent the loss of my evidence, and tell the story. Until I have a replacement for my stolen laptop, I am limited to two hours per day usage of library computers, and I cannot use such computers to manage my huge collection of evidence or to write legal briefs. I must find a way to get a replacement laptop in the next ten days or so. Otherwise, I will have an overwhelming amount of backlogged archive administration work to do.

On April 24, I resumed "speech operations" by displaying a sign, "MOUNTAIN VIEW VERSUS FREE SPEECH - READ ABOUT IT @ IDEAFARM.COM" at the Castro Street / El Camino Real intersection. There was significant police interference. New criminal charges are probably going to be filed. If I am arrested, I will lose two more voice recorders, which I will have to replace immediately in order to keep using my signs to speak. The loss of my laptop not only prevents me from working and from fighting at Court. It also prevents me from equipping myself properly with voice recorders while speaking and then staying on top of the significant daily task of managing all of the resulting MP3 files. If I had not lost my laptop, you would already be able to listen to the recordings that I made yesterday of the illegal police interference. Until I replace that laptop and resume these administrative tasks, you will not be able to follow the action by listening to new recordings, and I will not be able to fully equip myself to capture new evidence of crimes being committed under color of authority.

"The Constitution is a sacred instrument, and a sacred trust is given to us, to see to it that its preservation, in all its virtue and its vigor, is passed on to the generations yet to come." (President William McKinley, 1901)

I need you to stand with me NOW. One of my signs read, "ONE FOR ALL - ALL FOR ONE". A police officer testified in Court that he didn't understand what that sign meant. Please show the Mountain View Municipal Corporation that YOU know what it means!

My email address is: ideafarmcity@gmail.com

Wo'O Ideafarm

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